Is A 301 Redirect to Expired Domains An Ideal Approach?

A 301 redirect of expired domains is a strategy that is employed to “link juice” for those who desire a quick bump in their websites ranking. It involves purchasing expired domains with high Domain name ranking and Page ranks, and redirecting them to your site so as to benefit from the SEO strength of the expired domain.

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The best-expired domains for a 301 redirect

If you intend to purchase expired domains for the purposes of a 301 redirect, you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • Verify that the expired domain has no manual penalty. You can easily do this with the use of Google Webmaster Tool.
  • Check out the back links of the expired domain if any to ensure that it is not a victim of Penguin 2 and 2.1. You can do this with the use of or MOZ Explorer.
  • Examine the anchor profile of the expired domain to ensure that it is not too spammy or hacked. A spammy, porn or hacked site can impact negatively on your current site. You can check the domain through
  • For a great 301 redirect results, the expired domain should have content and links as well as back links that are relevant to your website. You must also ensure that your link profile is as diverse as possible.

The best 301 strategy is to link individual pages to specific new pages on your website. You should focus on the pages that have external back links; then you can effect a catch-all redirect to your home page for the rest. A 301 redirect can help your website to pick up old customers from the expired domain. A 301 redirect to the landing page of your website, interacting with the customers from the expired domain and explaining to them of the closure of the expired domain and the benefits that they can get your website can be extremely helpful in winning over the great customers.

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A 301 redirect of expired domains is still a valuable strategy for hastening the ranking of your site as well as getting new customers. However, to succeed in using the strategy, you have to choose the appropriate domain carefully with reference to the above advice. Failure to which, the 301 redirect will end up doing more harm than good to your website rankings.

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