Key Points to a 301 Redirects

It is important to consider redirects to make your website SEO friendly and also enhance your visitors’ user-experience. However, not all redirects are beneficial when it comes to search results.

There are 2 main types of redirects – the 301 redirect and the 302 redirect. The two differ in that with a 301 redirect, there’s a permanent redirection made and it’s recommended for SEO purposes. On the other hand, 302 redirects are rather temporary and do not help regarding SEO.

When is a 301 redirect important?

To begin with, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirection of your visitor to a new page. This comes in handy when the domain name is changed, URL is changed, You need a vanity URL or when moving your site content to a different directory. There are essential factors to consider whenever you are applying a 301 redirect to a domain or anything related. In all cases, you need to follow specific steps when you consider redirecting domains for everything to be successful in the long run.

Key factors to remember

A 301 redirect requires taking care of your new domain name, hosting environment, and having Meta tags in place just in case search bots are misdirected. Also, it is a plus if you can quickly change the hosted site via hosting panel. That way, you will save time, and not risk losing your SEO fruits.

It is equally important to ensure that both your domains are already verified and are readily available in Google’s Webmaster Tools. If this is done, ensure that you have backed up database and website.

Take note that having your website on a new domain is one thing and letting Google know that you’ve changed names is well another different story. This can include using Google’s Webmaster tools to change address or anything related. Furthermore, submission of domains sitemap(s) should be considered too.


Overall, these redirects procedures will vary based on factors like whether you are redirecting files from one domain to another, or redirects in languages like Apache. If you are thinking of best SEO practices, then don’t compromise on the steps to follow to implement 301 redirects fully.

Also, if you’re concerned about losing your website’s page rank after applying a redirect, note that the fluctuations will be temporary. Google analysts recently gave the assurance that fluctuations which come from a 301 redirect are only temporarily.

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